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Why Lug Bottles?

A 5-gallon water bottle is over 40 pounds

Bottled and Vended Water is:


 Inconvenient

 Questionable Quality

 Sometimes Contaminated

 Limited Supply in Your Home

In addition, bottled water is so harmful to the environment that it has been banned in several cities in North America and around the world. Hundreds of millions of plastic water bottles are overwhelming the oceans and landfills. What kind of world are we leaving to our children and grandchildren?

By using a MultiPure water filter you protect your family’s health with the proven most effective filter on the market, and at the same time you help the environment by reducing the number of water bottles contaminating our world. MultiPure is independently certified to remove or reduce more harmful contaminants than any other water filter in the world. It also recently received top ratings for performance and value in the two leading consumer magazines in North America. Most people change the replacement filter once a year for $70. That comes to about 10 cents per gallon for your water, with greater convenience and quality. Save hundreds per year, drink more water, protect your family from contaminants, and improve your health. Upgrade to the best water filter in the world and see why thousands of happy customers say that MultiPure was one of the best purchases they’ve ever made!

MultiPure is the best by test

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